4 Reasons Why Trucking Companies Are Looking For More Women Drivers 

  • Apr 19, 2017

While working in Transportation can be a rewarding career, Trucking companies continue to have a shortage of needed drivers. To counteract this, a recent bill was proposed to lower the driving age to 18, in hopes of enticing new drivers. Companies are looking to recruit as many drivers as possible in the meantime. One way to do this is to invite more women to the field. After all, nearly half of the population are women! Here are a few reasons why trucking companies are looking for more women drivers.

Breaking Down The Stereotype

Most people carry a stereotype when they envision a truck driver. The reality is that people from all walks of life find happiness in a trucking career. Female drivers don’t have to be overly masculine either. Ellen Voie, President and Founder of the Women in Trucking Association, is an advocate for this cause. The industry is changing due to rapid growth and increased pay – why should women be excluded from this great career opportunity? Women bring diversity to this growing field, and bringing more females into the game means, in time, those gender walls can be broken.

Innovations Within The Company

As more women enter the field, companies are incorporating more policies to support female drivers. Truck manufacturers are even working to make cabs more accessible with more adjustability in the driver’s seat. They are also altering automatic transmissions so require less fatigue-inducing movement during long trips. These changes are welcoming women to feel accepted into the trucking industry.

Great Benefits Outside The Traditional 9 To 5

Although non-conventional, driving for a trucking company can offer a great escape outside of the confines of a 9 to 5 office job. Women can experience the freedom of travel, and being out on their own. Many companies offer comprehensive health care plans and paid time off. Many jobs don’t require heavy lifting either. Millennial females are particularly being contacted as young individuals who can build a rewarding, lifelong career. Women in Trucking is one organization that focuses on educating individuals about these great opportunities.

Free Yourself From Student Loan Debt

One of the best things about entering this growing industry is that working in Transportation does not require any prior education. Many women are encouraged to go to college, yet find themselves burdened with student loan debt upon graduation, with no job prospects in their field to be found. Women have the choice to get started making money in a secure career, such as truck driving, rather than burn money and energy on a career that may or may not be hiring.

While most women have probably never considered it, truck driving is a great, growing field. The career benefits are outstanding, offering a secure position that allows women the freedom to be mobile, and have the financial security they need to provide for their families at home. Who says that trucking is only a man’s career? Break the gender barrier! The more interest women show in Transportation jobs, the closer we can get to breaking stereotypes — one truckload at a time.


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