4 Time Management Tips For Truck Drivers

  • Apr 26, 2017

Working in the transportation industry means that you must learn to manage your time efficiently. Whether you need to maintain reasonable mileage goals or just want to ensure proper sleep in-between trips, managing time is an important component to making the most out of this exciting career. With lots of mixed advice out there, it can be hard for a rookie truck driver to know where to start. Here are four tips to help you manage your time, so you can finish your route and deliver your cargo in a timely manner!

1.Plan Ahead

Have goals set for how many miles you want to cover every day, but also realize that you must be ready to adapt as well. For example, if you want to get a good parking spot at trucking spots, you need to plan to arrive when good spots are available. This can mean adapting your normal sleeping schedule to get up around 3AM, and parking in the evening by perhaps 6PM. Some areas in the country are easier to find parking anytime, while others are nearly impossible. Consider talking to other truckers on a discussion board such as on the website The Truckers Report to get input from experienced drivers on making the most of rest stops. Use other truckers’ experiences to help guide you with planning your own.


2.Avoid Heavy Traffic When Possible

Plan ahead and schedule your runs around traffic management. For example, if you are going to pass through a major city such as Philadelphia or Detroit, you’ll want to plan your arrival after morning and evening rush hours. While this doesn’t always work (you may still get caught in traffic even at 2AM) your odds are better when you keep an eye on traffic patterns and plan accordingly.


3.Load And Unload Bright And Early

Veteran drivers understand that to get to their destination on time they must load and unload cargo ahead of schedule. You will find yourself a lot less stressed knowing that you have plenty of time for finishing your route in case of unexpected traffic jams or other on-the-road emergencies. You may even have extra hours to rest or possibly even explore a city you’re interested in. Keep proper communication with your deliveries so that they know when you intend on arriving. If you keep ahead of schedule, you may even be able to cut a whole travel day. Your trucking company and customers will be impressed by your communication and ability to deliver ahead of time.


4.Pace Yourself

While you may be proud of yourself for being way ahead of time, remember to listen to your body and rest when needed. Keeping ahead of schedule allows you to pull this off with ease. Learn to take short naps when you’re tired instead of pushing through exhaustion. This will allow you to stay awake for longer periods without driving fatigue.

When it comes to transportation, time management is essential. It can also be simple if you remember to plan ahead, avoid traffic delays, pace yourself, and allow plenty of time for your journey.


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