4 Tips For Women Looking To Break Into The Trucking Industry

  • Oct 18, 2017

While the stereotype says that trucking is a man’s job, the trucking industry is expanding more and more to open a platform where women feel welcome. These stereotypes are broken down when we view trucking as an industry that requires good character and a strong work ethic, rather than a certain gender. Trucking offers a comfortable salary, competitive benefits, and stretches of time off at home when not on the road. Getting started in the industry isn’t as hard as it seems. Here are a few tips for women who are looking to break into the trucking industry.

1. Find Your Support

Take the initiative to learn as much as you can about a career on the road, and know you are not alone on this journey! There are plenty of women working in the trucking industry right now who want to hear from you and help you. A good place to start is with Women In Trucking (WIT). Check out their website for a lot of great information, including articles and female bloggers.

2. Pick A Training School That Works For You

Before you can be employed as a professional truck driver, you need to pass the Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) exam. When searching for the right school to prepare you for the exam, make sure to find a place where you feel welcomed, and that has a number of female instructors and female leaders. While it’s of course fine to be trained by and work with men, it helps to have support from women who understand what you are going through. Most CDL training schools can teach you what you need to know in as little as a month.

3. Possess The Skills And The Qualifications

More than likely, you already possess the skills needed to enter the industry, such as the afore-mentioned good character and strong work ethic. According to Monster.com, here are some qualifications that can help advance your career in trucking:

  • Hazmat qualifications and other commercial-license extras 
  • Good safety and driving record
  • Specialization in a particular type of equipment 
  • Experience in logistics and inventory functions, such as warehousing 
  • Knowledge of federal and state regulations 
  • Background in customer service — delivering to homes, vendors or businesses 
  • Physical strength 
  • Computer skills

Once you have complete the required classroom training, you will also need to train behind the wheel of a truck to earn a Class A CDL License, which can be provided by working for a good company like Combined Express and Delaware Valley Shippers.

4. Believe In Yourself

Remind yourself that trying anything for the first time is a risk, but one that could lead to a great reward. First, you must put yourself out there. A huge component in assuring success in this industry is keeping a positive attitude and believing you can do it.

Breaking into the trucking industry as a woman is easier than you think. Do your research, find a support system, pick a training school that you feel comfortable with, believe in yourself, and lastly, apply for the job! The rest you will learn on the road.



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