5 Tips For Truck Drivers To Stay Connected With Their Kids

  • Mar 9, 2017

While choosing a career as a truck driver can be lucrative and beneficial for your family, the distance from one’s growing children can be difficult. Working for a trucking company allows you to contribute financially, but you may feel you are missing special milestones or the ability to see your kids as often as you’d like.

Although this lifestyle can be both rewarding and tricky, there are easy steps you can take to stay connected with your kids while on the road. Here are a few to help you get started.

1. Write Postcards Or Handwritten Letters

While technology has allowed us the opportunity to communicate with lightning speed, children also appreciate the excitement of receiving a letter or postcard in the mail intended specially for them. When you have a career in transportation, postcards can be a fun way to make your kids feel like they are traveling with you. Encourage them to keep a scrapbook of all your travels so that they can turn to it when missing you. While handwritten letters take a little more time, they add that personal touch your child may be missing. Offer advice for your kids, or tell funny stories about your travels on the road.

2. Send Special Gifts Or Souvenirs

Like postcards, a small gift can be a fun reminder of a unique place you visited while on the road. Perhaps you send a cowboy hat from Texas, seashells from Miami, or an Eagles jersey from Philadelphia. Depending on the age and interests of your child you may want to send a small stuffed animal, sweets from a local bake shop, or other small trinkets. Again, when it comes down to it, kids love to receive mail!

Text/Phone/Video Chat

While waiting to receive mail, you’ll want to keep contact with your children as often as possible. Texts, phone calls and video chats are easy and quick ways to pop in and see how their day is going. Video chatting is great for allowing children to not only hear your voice, but see your face, too. This could be a comfort to you as well. Use your break time (such as at lunch or right before bed) to safely communicate with your family.

Social Media

Social media has become the ultimate tool for people to keep communication going in long-distance relationships. Whether your spouse or kids are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, stay connected. Social media can be a great way to exchange photos and hear about the everyday happenings in your family’s life. You also don’t have to worry about coordinating time, which is super useful when your trucking company has you traveling in a different time zone.

Make Memories At Home

Although you may be tempted to unwind and stay home, put yourself in your kids’ shoes and remember they’ve been waiting eagerly for your return. Take your kids to the park or zoo, race go-carts, or participate in any other fun activity you can all enjoy together. Make an extra effort to create new memories to help carry you through until the next time you are home from the road.

Maintaining a healthy bond and relationship with your kids doesn’t have to be difficult when you work in transportation. Show interest in their daily lives and make the effort to keep in touch as often as possible. Surprise them with new gifts while on the road and fun activities together when you are home. Use these tips to stay connected with your kids and maintain that special parent-child bond while on the road.

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