5 Trucking Tips For Rookie Drivers

  • Sep 20, 2017

Did you know last week was National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week? That’s right, there’s a whole seven days dedicated to celebrating the truck driver! Working in transportation really is a rewarding career choice. If you are new to trucking, there are a few tricks to learn to help you acclimate to the industry. A lot of false information gets passed around, so it's important to seek advice from professionals who have been around long enough to know how to get the job done. Here are a few tips to help move your trucking career down a path of success.

1. Load And Unload Early

One good tip to remember is to keep ahead of schedule, so that you have plenty of time to get from one destination to the next. It also helps to have some savvy with your shipper. Keep communication open, and plan on arriving at an earlier time, so that you leave more hours available. The savvier you get, the more money you'll make, and ultimately the more respect you'll receive from your dispatcher.

2. Eggs And Bacon Before 3AM

While it's hard to imagine waking up that early, you get used to it when living on the road, and soon you may even come to like it. Starting the day early means that you can park your truck in the evening at 6PM as often as possible. The incentive is down time; a good night’s sleep, and smooth sailing bright and early the next morning while traffic is at a minimum. Plan to get up and get moving early, so that you can finish your day and rest easy.

3. Rest Before Exhaustion Hits

The more exhausted you allow yourself to get, the less efficient your recovery time will be. Learn to take short naps when you are tired, rather than driving yourself to exhaustion. It is dangerous to be on the road when overtired. Take the time to power nap on long journeys, and you'll give yourself the energy boost you need to push through to your next destination.

4. Keep Friendly With The Dispatcher

Dispatchers are your lifelines when on the road. Make the effort to get along with them, and build a friendship if you can. It makes a difference if you can build a rapport, and may even ensure you are offered loads that give you the miles you need to keep your career thriving. It's also important to never refuse a load — it may come off as having a poor worth ethic.

5. Plan Meals And Exercise Ahead

All that time on the road can lead to a poor diet and lack of exercise if you don't plan ahead. Try to stay light on the heavy carbs and greasy meals as much as possible while working, and reserve a cheat day for your off time. Plan to exercise twice a day for 15 minutes: once before your shift, and once during the mid-day break. Stock up on healthy fruits and vegetables so that you aren't tempted to buy unhealthy snacks while on the road.

You have made the first great choice: choosing the path of a career in trucking. Follow these tips to help guide you while on the road. Happy travels!


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