8 Road Trip Planning Tips For Professional Truck Drivers

  • Aug 16, 2017

An experienced truck driver understands the importance of planning each road trip ahead. Planned trips make for higher profits, while also easing stress on drivers. Having a set schedule for when you take breaks for meals, to re-fuel, and rest are vital to making it as a professional truck driver. Here are a few tips to help you on your journey. 

  • Check the weather. Use a weather app on your phone to keep track of the daily forecast. Account for heavy showers, and if possible, plan your trip around bad weather areas. 
  • Consider your location. If you are traveling in a mountainous region that requires a lower speed limit, and challenging driving conditions, then account for the extra time in your planning. Other things to consider include border crossings and expected traffic delays. If certain areas are prone to traffic build-ups later in the day, plan to arrive there extra early to avoid the crowds. 
  • Plan fuel stops in advance. There can be a big difference in fuel prices from one state to the next. Do your research and plan ahead as to where you can get the best deal when filling up. 
  • Grocery shopping. While the occasional restaurant stop is good for meeting new people and giving yourself a proper break, it’s good to stock up on foods to keep on hand during the day. Plan trips to stores with big parking lots able to accommodate your truck’s size. 
  • Allow extra time. Always plan on allowing yourself more time than you’ll need. It’s good to leave extra room for the unexpected. It also looks good to clients when you arrive ahead of schedule. Keeping yourself ahead of time allows you to maintain proper speed without rushing, and to keep yourself safe while on the road. 
  • Keep extra supplies on hand in remote areas. It’s extremely important to make sure you have food and essential supplies on hand, especially when traveling in remote areas. If you were to break down, you will be glad you took the necessary precautions. 
  • Use an app. There are several apps out there that make road trip planning easier. Use Google maps as a way to add multiple destinations. Another great one specifically designed for truckers is the Truckers Trip Planning App, which is great for managing time.
  • Keep maps on hand. While we live in a modern age of technology, there are times when things break down or you lose reception while on the road. In this case, keep some maps on hand for back up. It may also help to have a interstate travel guide on hand, such as The Next Exit, a complete guide of interstate highway exits.

Planning ahead can help to minimize stress while on the road. Keep a dated notebook of your planned itineraries, check in frequently with the weather and projected traffic to alter your schedule as needed, and with a little extra planning you’ll make your stops with plenty of time to spare. 

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