Meet Grey Boy The Shipping Cat At Combined Express

  • Oct 25, 2017

While ghosts and goblins may lurk outside on Halloween, a different creature pokes around the office of Combined Express in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. This furry friend, Grey Boy, is a gray cat who slowly worked his way into the hearts of the employees at Combined Express. Read on to learn about this kitty’s unique story, and how he has become a beloved fixture of the company today.

No one knows his exact age, but it’s believed Grey Boy was born about 11-13 years ago. He belonged to a large colony of around 25 feral cats that lived outside the Combined Express office. As a company that values animals, a few of the ladies at the company took it upon themselves to care for the cats — feeding them and taking the time to catch them so they could be neutered and spayed.

It was important to the company to care for these cats, as feral cats typically can only survive about five years in the wild. Mickey Rachlin, Customer Service Manager at Combined Express, attributes this colony’s longevity to the cats having shelter, as well as the opportunity to be hand-fed.

Grey Boy went from being an outdoor only cat to welcoming himself inside the company’s doors. “After many years of showing Grey Boy lots of love and affection, he became somewhat of a fixture at Combined Express,” Mickey says.

This sweet kitty is the type to greet employees in the morning, afternoon, and evening. He also loves spreading his love around the office so that everyone gets the chance to give this star cat some affection.

 Grey Boy The Shipping Cat 2

“Grey Boy goes from desk to desk visiting everyone,” Mickey says. “If one person was a little more stressed, sad, or uneasy, Grey Boy lounges with that person who needs his comfort the most.”

Mickey says that working in the trucking industry can be stressful, so having a loving cat like Grey Boy around is great for stress relief. Like most cats, Grey Boy loves to have his belly rubbed — he’s the purrrffect pet for Combined Express.

Once a feral cat fending for his life, Grey Boy is now free to roam about the office as he chooses. He is also given access to super swanky areas, such as the sofa he loves to lounge on in the President and Vice President’s office.

When its rainy or snowy, Grey Boy is sure to be found snuggled up under someone’s desk to stay dry. The attention he gives is not limited to staff either. “This cat sure gives everyone attention, from customers to drivers and office staff,” Mickey says.

While Grey Boy receives a lot of attention at Combined Express, the company is also known for supporting animals at the Women’s Humane Society by holding donation drop-offs to raise money and supplies for animals in need. They also love stopping by the shelter to give the adoptable dogs and cats some extra love.

While things might get spooky this Halloween season, Grey Boy is sure to get plenty of love and attention safely inside at Combined Express.


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