Tried And True Trucking Advice For Accident Prevention

  • Aug 29, 2017

As a professional truck driver, accident prevention ranks up there as a top priority. If you are just entering the field of truckload shipping, or are still in your rookie years, here are some common sense tips to help you avoid unnecessary accidents when starting out on the road.

Take Your Time: When you haul cargo for a living, being prompt is a large part of the job. But no matter your task, it’s important not to rush. Give yourself plenty of time to complete a task and proceed with caution, whether it’s reaching your destination, backing your truck into a loading dock, or just pulling into a truck stop to refuel. Also give yourself time to stop and stretch once and a while.

Cover Your Bases: Do a pre-tip inspection of your vehicle to address any safety issues before heading out on the road. This includes checking fluid levels, brake pads, and tires, to make sure everything is in good working order. Check for blind spots, and adjust your mirrors if necessary.

Map Out Your Journey: Navigating through traffic and unknown terrain can be a challenge. Planning your trip in advance can help you find the best route to reach your destination. Don’t rely on a Trucker’s GPS alone. Invest in a good road map or atlas, and keep it with you.

Go With The Flow: Watch for potential hazards on the way, such as construction zones, railroad crossings, mountain ranges, narrow, winding roads, large bodies of water, and major bridges. Also stay on top of the weather forecast, and be aware of traffic patterns — bad weather and heavy traffic increase the odds of an accident. Adjust your plans accordingly, be flexible, and always be prepared.

Slow And Steady: Speed limits are for cars, not for big rigs hauling cargo with the potential for tipping. Drive slowly to maintain control of your vehicle, stick to one lane, and be extremely cautious on tight corners and ramps.

Leave Some Room To Wiggle: Don’t forget to keep some space between you and the vehicle in front of you. The more empty space you have between you, the more time you will have to slow down if necessary. Also watch for vehicles beside you, and change lanes as little as possible.

See For Yourself: Accidents sometimes happen after you’ve reached your destination. Before backing your truck into the loading dock, check out the delivery area. Look for blind spots, overhead clearance, and blind siding potential. Although helpful, don’t just rely on a spotter. Get out and observe the area for yourself to avoid hitting anything on your way in.

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